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Rapid advances in next-generation sequencing, paired with new therapeutic options, have accelerated the need for biomarker information in the clinical care setting.

The identification of available care options to cancer patients can be done via the use of molecular profiling. This is a more personalized approach available to physicians – which can serve as a tool in both treatment and monitoring decisions.

The Pan Cancer Somatic Panel
was designed for use across multiple cancers.

This initial panel of 52 genes may be used in the following areas:

Metastatic Cancer Icon

Metastatic cancer

Rare and Refractory Cancers Icon

Rare and refractory cancers

Standard of Care Exhausted Icon

Standard of care exhausted

Patients Looking for a Clinical Trial Icon

Patients looking for a clinical trial

The Lifecode approach to gene panel selection

Lifecode uses a combination of analytical & clinical tools in the selection of genes.
This selection also places genes in the following categories*:

Standard of care

Genes that are included in recognized guidelines or as part of a clinical society recommendation; genes that are required as a companion diagnostic to a select therapy or treatment class.

Clinically actionable**

Genes that represent therapeutic targets, have active research, sufficient literature and discovery research to support clinical use; genes for which the presence, absence or variant thereof is relevant to agents in development.

Clinically relevant

The presence, absence or alteration of these genes may be associated with prognostic or oncogenic findings; genes that may alter the timing or intensity of care.

Lifecode is currently offering the Pan Cancer Somatic Panel through a select number of physicians in the United States. As part of this pilot program, Lifecode is working to ensure that the representative genes and delivery are of utility in the community oncology setting. Broader availability is planned in 2015.

To learn more about the Pan Cancer Somatic Panel, please contact Lifecode at hello@lifecodehealth.com or +1 (800) 210-2870.

* A full list of all genes on the Pan Cancer Somatic Panel is available on request.
** 50% of the genes on the Pan Cancer Somatic Panel are in this category.

Frequently asked questions

Thank you for your interest in the Lifecode Pan Cancer Somatic Panel (PCSP).
Please find below a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding our flagship product:

1. Can I order your test?

Right now the Pan Cancer Somatic Panel is available through a pilot program. Please contact Lifecode at
+ 1 (800) 210-2870 for more information about availability.

2. Where can the Pan Cancer Somatic Panel be used?

The decision to utilize next–generation sequencing based gene panels is ultimately with healthcare providers and their patients. For further discussions or clinical consult, please contact Lifecode at + 1 (800) 210-2870.

3. Is your test available through other labs?

At this time our test is only available through a pilot program. Broader availability is planned for later on this year. Please contact Lifecode at + 1 (800) 210-2870 for more information about availability.

4. What do you test?

All testing is conducted on solid tumor samples. Both paraffin (FFPE) blocks and slides are accepted. Please click here for more information on sample requirements.

5. How much is the test? Do you accept Insurance?

The price of the panel has not yet been finalized, and we are working with payers on appropriate coverage.

6. How is Lifecode different?

The aim of Lifecode is to provide meaningful information that can be used for treatment and monitoring decisions. We provide specific information that is clinically actionable, concise and relevant.